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Custom Home Contractors Culpeper Virginia

We design and build high-end homes and offer historic restoration and pre-construction consulting. Call 540-987-9314 for your personal consultation.

Home Tech Construction Services was established in 1982 by Daniel D. Armor and was originally based in Malibu, CA. We offered general contracting services for residential, commercial, and historic restoration projects. Since relocating to Sperryville, VA in 1991, we have focused primarily on the development of custom-built homes and historic restorations within the rolling hills of scenic Virginia. We are proud to now be recognized as a premier provider of custom construction services due to our relentless commitment to quality and detailed craftsmanship. Our experienced team combines time-tested construction techniques with the latest technological advances to ensure that your home will provide comfort and enjoyment for generations to come.

Our commitment to customer service is second to none. We take great pride in our ability to listen and understand the needs of each of our customers, and exceed their greatest expectations. We possess the unique ability to work with you to shape a creative vision and then convert that vision into reality.

At Home Tech Construction Services, we are able to maintain our high standards of quality by collaborating with only the most skilled and accomplished sub-contractors and suppliers in the area. Our rigorous quality assurance process demands that only the highest standards of workmanship and quality of materials will be accepted.

  • Custom Built Luxury Homes
  • Historic Renovations
  • Smart, Energy Efficient Homes

  • Architectural Design & Renovations
  • Pre-Construction Consulting
  • Project Management

  • New Construction
  • Design and Drafting
  • Additions

Exceeding Expectations For Over 40 Years

Home Tech Construction Services of Sperryville, VA understands that the construction or restoration of a home is an evolutionary process, and we possess the flexibility and creativity to address and resolve any issue that may arise during the project. Because of our extensive knowledge and experience, we can recommend approaches and solutions that will enable us to provide you with the home of your dreams.

  • What we can do for you...

  • As a Class A General Contractor serving Central Virginia, we focus on new construction and remodeling services for homes and businesses.

    • Residential & Commercial
    • New Construction
    • Historic Restorations

  • Let us manage your next project...

  • At Home Tech Construction Services, we also provide construction management and consultation services for those who prefer to be more directly involved in their project.

    • Construction Management
    • Construction Consulting

  • Pre-construction services...

  • One of the biggest challenges people face when starting a project is getting a clear picture of needs versus wants and planning specifications to fit the budget and cost and get competitive bids. We will help you “value engineer” your project to fit your budget before you even commit to a contract to build.


  • Design and Drafting Services...

  • Do you need drafting plans? Our full-service team can help you design your next project or even modify plans of your own. It’s easier than you think to get started!

    • Custom Design
    • Personalized Service

About Home Tech Construction Services

Dan Armor from Home Tech Construction Services and his family

In 1982 Dan Armor started Home Tech in Malibu, CA with a passion to make the construction industry a better place – making the building experience something to cherish instead of regret. To create something from nothing with integrity and skill and be proud to have been a part. Now in Virginia since 1991, Dan resides in Sperryville with his wife Michelle and their 10 children (3 in college not shown).


Communicate, Communicate


Communication is the centerpiece of the success of Home Tech.


“When all the parties are clear on the final product, the rest is easy. The key is to find and use the best sub-contractors in their respective trades and suppliers who know their product. Our team then communicates your vision for your dream home.”


While building for a client, Home Tech provides the latest in product information, and also provides the current cost data necessary to keep the customer knowledgeable of exactly where they stand. This helps to keep the project on budget and gives the owner the information necessary to make decisions, ultimately providing the finest custom home with the highest value.
Building a custom home is an evolutionary process. As it evolves, Home Tech strives to add value to the construction process by being flexible and creative, in order to accommodate the wishes and desires of the owner. Periodic meetings are scheduled with the owner and architect to make certain the original vision of project is being followed.


From Dan’s viewpoint, the ultimate measure of the success of a project is that the following questions can be answered with an unequivocal yes:


Did the clients get everything they expected? Did they enjoy the whole experience? And, can they say, as clients Bruce and Kathy Allison said: “Dan came to us a builder and left a good friend”.